Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

1 Powers of the Executive Committee

a.       Subject to relevant NSW statute and this Constitution, the business of SLSSNB shall be managed, and the powers of SLSSNB shall be exercised, by the Executive Committee.

b.      The Executive Committee, as the authority for surf lifesaving in Sydney Northern Beaches, shall:

                                             i.      be responsible for acting on local issues in accordance with Section 2 of the Constitution; 

                                           ii.      operate for the benefit of the Members and the community throughout Sydney Northern Beaches;

                                          iii.      assist member Clubs to govern surf lifesaving in Sydney Northern Beaches in accordance with Section 2 of the Constitution; and

                                         iv.      have the power to regulate all assessments, carnivals, competitions and displays within Sydney Northern Beaches. This includes the allocation of events under its control to any Club and the appointment of referees, officials, and other personnel required to run such events.

c.       The Executive Committee may authorise persons to speak on behalf of SLSSNB.

d.      The President shall be the State Councillor to represent SLSSNB at meetings of SLSNSW. In the event of the President being absent the Executive Committee may appoint a proxy.

e.      The President, representing SLSSNB, and the CEO shall have the power to appoint, dismiss, and define the duties, and fix the rate of pay of, any paid employees of SLSSNB.

f.        If the Executive Committee forms a view that a Club is acting in a way that is, or is likely to, bring SLSSNB and/or the SLS Governing Bodies into disrepute, it may investigate the operations of the Club  to provide assistance and support.


2 Composition of the Executive Committee

a.       The Executive Committee shall comprise the following:

                                             i.      President;

                                           ii.      Deputy President;

                                          iii.      Director of Finance;

                                         iv.      Director of Lifesaving;

                                           v.      Director of Education;

                                         vi.      Director of Surf Sports;

                                        vii.      Director of Member Services; and

                                      viii.      CEO.

b.      All positions on the Executive Committee, except the CEO, must be filled by Members.

c.       The President shall chair meetings of the Executive Committee. If the President is absent, the chair shall be the next available Director in line in Clause (a).

d.      Directors each have equal voting rights at Executive Committee meetings.

e.      No member of the Executive Committee may hold more than one position on the Executive Committee.


f.        Directors shall hold office from the conclusion of the EGM at which they were elected until the conclusion of the second following EGM. The President, Director of Education, Director of Surf Sports, and Director of Member Services shall be elected in each even year and the Deputy President, Director of Finance, and Director of Lifesaving shall be elected in each odd year. Directors may be re-elected.