Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees of SLSSNB shall be:

i.         Life Membership and Honors Committee

ii.         The Rules and Constitution Committee

iii.         Meritorious Awards Committee

iv.         Judiciary Committee

v.         Finance Committee

Which shall be appointed or elected each year.


Life Membership & Service Honours Committee
A committee of five (5) consisting of the Branch President, Director of Lifesaving, plus three (3) SNB Life Members elected at the Election General Meeting.

Branch President (Doug Menzies)
Director of Lifesaving (Geoff Raper)
Jennifer Drury
Barry Antella OAM

Gary Cook
Rules & Constitution Committee
5 nominated positions .

Ray Petersen
Wayne Freakley
Robert Williams
Steven Faddy
Peter Kinsey

Meritorious Awards Committee
Chaired by Director of Lifesaving, 6 nominated positions.

Director of Lifesaving (Geoff Raper)
Adrienne Lowe
Ray Petersen
Jeff Hewitt
Steve Faddy
Gary Cook
Nigel Penn
Judiciary Committee
5 nominated positions

Barry Antella OAM
Gary Cook
Jenny Drury
Jeff Hewitt
Steve Faddy
Finance Committee  
Chaired by Director of Finance, President and 4 nominated positions      

Director of Finance (Lance Barnes)
Doug Menzies - President
David Piper OAM
Steve Faddy
Peter Russell
Kevin Harris