Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Director of Surf Sports
Darren Warrener; Avalon Beach
2 Competitors (1 Female and 1 Male)
Peter Obern (R&R)
2 Officials
Steve Haggett (Lifesaving),
Gary Cook (March Past)
1 Coach
Martin Lynch (Beach)
2 Junior Sports Advisers
Louis Tassone (Carnival Review),
Darren Warrener (Water/Craft)
1 Surf Boat Adviser
Alex Hill (Boats)
1 IRB Adviser
 Nigel Penn (Powercraft)
1 Youth Sports Adviser
David Rees (HP)
Secretary (non voting) –
Marcial Nunura (Surf Sports Manager)
2013/14 Selection Panel for HP squad and Interbranch Team
·         David Rees
·         James Brooks
·         Trent Herring
·         Martin Quinn
·         Ian Miller
·         Michael Gedz