Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Life Member Listing - Nomination Form and Criteria

SNB Life Membership Nominations for 2018 are due to the Branch Office before Monday 21st May 2018
Please mark nominations forms to the Attention of Jen Huston
Life Membership & Service Honour Nominations due by 21st May 2018

Life Membership Nomination Form & Criteria
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1. Members of Sydney Northern Beaches may be considered for election and elected to Life Membership of the Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches (SNB) by the Life Membership and Honours Committee (Committee).

2. To be considered for Life Membership, members must have rendered sustained and conspicuous voluntary service to SNB via one or more of the following criteria:

a. Twenty (20) years such service, twelve (12) of which must have been as an elected officer of SNB.

b. Twenty (20) years such service, a minimum of five (5) of which must have been as an elected officer of SNB or another branch, SLSNSW or SLSA.

c. Twenty (20) years such service, as an active member of any standing boards or constituted committees.

d. Thirty (30) years such service, sustained and conspicuous to a club or clubs.

e. A member may qualify for consideration if the Committee considers he or she has rendered such service over a shorter period.


3. For the service to be considered, it must be both sustained and conspicuous voluntary service.

4. Members shall be nominated for consideration and election:

a. By using the Life Membership Nomination Form.

b. By two (2) members of SNB.

c. The Form must be endorsed by either the club president or an authorised office bearer of the club.

d. Details given must be supported by information contained in Surfguard (where applicable).

e. A photo of the nominated person may be included.


5. Any nomination rejected will be ineligible for reconsideration for two (2) years. Members of the Committee are to be the only persons present for the consideration and election of nominees.

6. Any member elected to Life Membership of SNB shall be recorded in the Minutes of the Committee and of next Annual General Meeting of SNB.

7. The decisions of the Committee shall be final.