Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Gear Hire for Club Events

SLSSNB has gear available to help clubs with their special events. This can be made available to any SNB club hosting a special event throughout the season. Applications to hire the gear must be made through the appropriate application form which can be obtained from or on the SLSSNB website. Availability cannot be guaranteed with preference given to SNB Surf Sports Carnivals.

Gear borrowed from SLSSNB must be picked up by the club from the branch office on Thursday mornings prior to the event, or at a time organised with the branch office. There is an option for gear to be delivered to the club prior to and picked up from the host club after the event but this will be charged at $100 for delivery and pickup.

All gear must be thoroughly cleaned (free from any salt and sand) and must be returned in the same condition as it left the branch office (neat and tidy with no tangled ropes). If the gear is returned dirty or in a mess, a $200 cleaning fee will be applied to the club.

All damages will be covered by the club borrowing the gear. Loss of equipment will be charged to the club as per the cost of replacing the lost/broken item including any delivery fee.

Gear Hire Pricing Schedule

Gear Hire Request Form