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Parking Permits - Active Members

Northern Beaches Council has agreed to provide Parking Permits free of charge to actively patrolling members who are not rate-payers, if their patrolling activity requires them to park at a Pay and Display reserve carpark.

Clubs need to apply for these on behalf of members who require them in the following way:

•    List details of those members applying for a permit on the  form
•    Club President or Club Captain signs the declaration on the form on behalf of the members applying
•    Scan and email the form to Northern Beaches Council


•    Collect all the same details required (as per the form) on a spreadsheet
•    Type the declaration (exact wording that’s on the bottom of the form) into an email
•    Attach the spreadsheet to your email (sent from the Club President or Club Captain)
•    Send it to the Council

Note that members do not have to sign the form however the Club President or Club Captain must sign the declaration on their behalf.

Northern Beaches Council Parking Permit Application Form

Contact details for where to submit the form, are on the form.