Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Patrol Audit Program

The Patrol Audit Program is a standardised process of assessing compliance of patrols to lifesaving service agreements and standard operating procedures each season. Results of the audits are used in an annual competition where each of the 21 Clubs compete against each other for cash prizes.

Throughout the season a number of audits will be done at each Club. These are completed by volunteer assessors who agree at the beginning of the season to do one audit at each of the 21 Clubs throughout that season.

Once completed the audit forms then go to the SNB Branch Office where members are checked to ensure they are proficient in their listed awards. If any member listed in the awards section is found not proficient in that award the relevant points for that award will be deducted from the final score.

Scores are totalled at the end of the season, with the Club with the highest point score being announced as the winner for that season. Clubs in the top 7 places receive cash prizes.

1st place - $6,500
2nd place - $4,500
3rd place - $3,500
4th place - $2,500
5th place - $1,500
6th place - $1,000
7th place - $500

The patrol audit form can be downloaded here.