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SLSA Rewards and Recognition Framework
Nomination Form 

Rescue of the Month

Lifesavers and Lifeguards provide a valuable service on beaches and in communities throughout Australia – many exceptional rescues and first aids preformed over and above normal duties and which showcase excellence in lifesaving skills and procedures often go unrecognised.

The Rescue of the Month aims to recognise excellence in lifesaving and service delivery, measured against industry best practice and operating procedures. It is not aimed to encourage unnecessary risk or neglect of safety considerations.

Winners of the Branch Rescue of the Month award are automatically nominated for the next stage in the award program, being the State in this case, State winners then go on to be nominated for National Rescue of the Month recognition.

Clubs and Support Operations organisations are encouraged to nominate teams or individuals involved in any outstanding rescues conducted during or outside of patrol hours, year round, on or off the beach.

Nominations can be made by completing the nomination form and forwarding it to the Branch office on or before the due date each month.  Detailed information on due dates can be found on the SLSNSW website here.

2018-19 Winners for SNB
May/June 2018 - no entries
July/Aug 2018 - no entries
September 2018 - Whale Beach
October 2018 - Bilgola
November 2018 - Avalon Beach
December 2018 - Nth Curl Curl
January 2019 - no entries
February 2019 - Avalon Beach
March 2019 - Queenscliff
April 2019 - Palm Beach and SS1
2017-18 Winners for SNB
May/June 2017 - North Palm Beach
July/August 2017 - Newport
September 2017 - no entries
October 2017 - no entries
November 2017 - Avalon Beach
December 2017 - Whale Beach - NSW Winner
January 2018 - North Steyne - NSW Winner
February 2018 - Dee Why
March 2018 - Freshwater
April 2018 - no entries
2016-17 Winners for SNB
May/June 2016 - no entries
July/Aug 2016 - no entries
September 2016 - no entries
October 2016 - Newport - NSW Winner
November 2016 - Whale Beach - NSW Winner
December 2016 - Long Reef - NSW Winner
January 2017 - Manly - NSW Winner
February 2017 - no entries
March 2017 - no entries
April 2017 - Queenscliff
2015-16 Winners for SNB
April 2016 - no entries
March 2016 - Newport
February 2016 - North Steyne / Manly - NSW Winner - National Winner
January 2016 - North Palm Beach
December 2015 - Manly
November 2015 - no entries
October 2015 - Whale Beach
September 2015 - no entries
July/August 2015 - no entries
May/June 2015 - Avalon Beach / Warriewood - NSW Winner - National Winner

Meritorious Awards

Meritorious Awards are awarded to affiliated clubs and/or their members and/or the public for outstanding deeds of bravery performed during lifesaving operations of SLSA (during and outside of designated patrol hours).

Meritorious Awards are established in two sections, each divided into three grades, as follows:

Individual Award
Silver Medallion
Bronze Medallion
Certificate of Merit

Group or Club Award
Certificate of Merit with Silver Medallion inset
Certificate of Merit with Bronze Medallion inset
Certificate of Merit

Note: The State Centre Meritorious Awards Committee may be required to assist in the investigation

Commendations recognise outstanding team work, rescue skills, rescue management, individual displays of initiative and resourcefulness, and well conducted rescue activity (e.g. first aid, resuscitation, IRB rescues, board and tube rescues etc.) by members of Surf Life Saving Australia. This recognition award includes rescues or application of lifesaving skills by club members in exceptional circumstances on or off the beach, e.g. resuscitation of a person struck by lightning.

Nominations can be made by completing the Meritorious Award Nomination form and forwarding it to the Branch office on or before the due date each month.