Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Interested in becoming an UAV Operator?

Interested members (and non-members wanting to join) must be committed and willing to volunteer their time regularly on weekends throughout the season to develop their skills and support lifesaving services with surveillance assistance at targeted times and locations.

To meet CASA regulations, members must also be certified and therefore commit to completing an Operator’s Certificate course which includes two full weekends of training.

The operator’s certificate would generally cost approximately $3,000-$5,000; SLSNSW is currently funding this expense meaning there will be no cost to the applicant. However due to the large value of this course, applicants must be willing to positively contribute towards this service for a minimum of two years.

To become a UAV operator, the minimum age is 18 years old and you will need to have a current and valid driving license. There is currently no minimum award required for this role, however new operators will be required to use a radio, therefore will need to complete the Radio Certificate Award (unless you have a current Bronze Medallion).

Applications for this role will open in April. Training will be conducted as soon as possible and over the winter season ready for operations next season.