Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Nominations for members to be recommended for election to Life Membership of SLSNSW close Friday, 29th September 2017. Please see below link to where the form can be found;



Checklist for Start Of Season 2017/2018








Proposed club carnival/ event dates

Date/ Format/ Event/ Ages



Nipper registration Details

Form available online

Form to be emailed 17/6

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Gear Inspection representative

1 person per clubs



Gear Inspection

Checklist & timetable will be emailed prior



Club Officer Contact Details

Form available online

Form to be emailed prior to AGM

Email to Update in Surfguard



Emergency After Hours Contacts


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Affiliation Form & Payment of $110

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4 hard copies of Club Annual Report

Criteria for Annual report available online

Branch Office Attn: Jen

Affiliation Form
2017/2018 Contact Form
2017/2018 Registration Details
Club Guide V4.3
Resource Sheet for Annual Reports

Find out about development pathways available to you by downloading the Pathways Booklet.

Junior Activity Chairs, Secretaries
Listed below are the 2017/18 season Junior and Youth Resources packs that are available from SLSNSW.  If you would like to order any of the packs, please complete the order form and send directly to SLSNSW by no later than 7th August 2017.
Please remember that there is a new/revised Age Managers course and SLSNSW are giving you the opportunity of purchasing an Age Managers Learners Guide together with a copy of the Delivery and Assessment Guide and Assessment Portfolio all for under $10.00 which would be cheaper than every Club printing off their own copy.
If you would like to order any of the resources, please complete the form via the link below and send to SLSNSW by no later than Monday 7th August.

·        Age Guide Resource Pack ($22):
1 x Surf Play1 U6
1 x Surf Play2 U7
1 x Surf Aware1 U8
1 x Surf Aware2 U9
1 x Surf Safe1 U10
1 x Surf Safe2 U11
1 x Surf Smart1 U12
1 X Surf Smart2 U13

·        Age Managers Learners Guide v4.0 ($5.50)

·        Age Managers Delivery & Assessment Guide v1.0 ($3)

·        Age Managers Assessment Portfolio v1.0 ($0.90)

·        JDR Passport ($0.40)

·        YEP Coordinators Guide ($3.50)

·        YEP Participant Handbook ($3.50)

·        Youth Engagement Program Flyer and Poster Pack ($26):
50 x YEP Flyers
1 x YEP A3 Poster Version 1
1 x YEP A3 Poster Version 2
1 x YEP A4 Poster Version 1
1 x YEP A4 Poster Version 2

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Tracey Hare-Boyd
2017/18 Branch Leadership Program.
This year the program funding will not be restricted to an U13-14 age group. The program this year will support any program for youth (under 25) that your club undertakes to the value of $2,420.00 (this includes GST). Details Click here