Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Board of Surf Sports

The Board of Surf Sports meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Branch Office from 7pm. With the purpose of discussing any issues that may arise in surf sports competition within the Branch.

The Board of Surf Sports is made up of the following positions

Specific roles for each board member are listed in brackets next to their names.

    Director of Surf Sports – Darren Warrener
    •Louis Tassone (Carnival Review) 
    •Dave Rees (High Performance)
    •Peter Tullet (Water and Craft)
    •Gary Cook (March Past)  
    •Nigel Penn (Powercraft)  
    •Alexandra Hill (Boats)    
    •Chris Dooley (Officials)  
    •Michael Gedz(Beach)     
    •Sue Troy (R&R)            
    •Steve Haggett (Lifesaving)
    Secretary (non-voting) - Marcial Nunura