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Australian Representative Teams

The National High Performance program is taking a brand new direction in 2011/12 to ensure we are offering the best possible service to our elite athletes, including the preparation of our competitors for international competition. The previous NHP squad format has been remodelled and replacing it will be the following:

Rescue Shadow Squad

  • 16 athletes (8 male, 8 female) to be announced on final day of the Aussies
  • This squad are the 16 who the SLSA selectors believe are the best chance of representing the Open Australian Life Saving Team at the Rescue 2012 World Championships. (Please note: Athletes not selected in this squad can still make the Rescue 12 team when it’s selected)
  • SLSA has come to agreements with the Australian Sports Commission and its related agencies to allow unprecedented benefits for this squad to assist them in the lead-up to international competition.
  • SLSA will provide increased financial assistance directly to athletes. In addition SLSA will provide these athletes with access to external assistance through partners in Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning, and Sports Science. These services will be designed to complement and enhance the good work being conducted within their club.

Additionally these athletes will become a part of the Australian Sports Commission’s Athlete Career Education program to help assist with all off-the-beach endeavours. This squad will be reviewed in 12 months and changes to the squad may be made.

Elite Pool Rescue Squad

SLSA is continuing our drive to become the leading pool rescue nation in international competition. To help assist with this, a separate Elite Pool Rescue Squad will also be established. This is a separate squad to the Rescue 2012 Shadow Squad and athletes may nominate to be selected into both squads.

  • 16 athletes to be announced in May 2011
  • Squad will compete at the NSW, QLD and Australian Pool Rescue Championships
  • Squad will work with national pool rescue coach throughout the year to continue improving skills/techniques.

International Teams

A member no longer needs to be in a particular squad in order to be eligible to make any open representative team. In addition to this, all members selected into an SLSA representative team will be made ‘associate members’ in relation to the Australian Sports Commission/SLSA athlete services agreement. This will enable these athletes unique access (although not full access as this is reserved for the Rescue 2012 shadow squad) to some of the services that have previously only been made available to AIS athletes.

Additionally the only camps associated with the National High Performance program will now be team specific camps, held prior to departure of any SLSA representative team to further train and educate the athletes on the specifics of the competition they have been selected for.

Open teams

All SLSA members who meet the relevant competitive requirements will be eligible for all Open Australian teams. SLSA will be sending an Open Australian team in the lead-up to Rescue 2012 to two events.

  • German Cup, Germany, November 2011 (Pool Rescue events)
  • New Zealand Pool Rescue Champs, October 2012 (Pool Rescue events – for the 2012 event SLSA will be sending two teams, an open and U/19  team)

Development teams

Additionally, the way in which SLSA utilises development teams has also altered. The new focus of development teams will be on preparing our athletes for the Under 19 competition at Rescue 2012. SLSA selectors will be looking for athletes who are competent at multiple events (pool and ocean) to ensure Australia’s success at world championship competition continues.

For the next two years, all athletes selected in development squads will need to be age eligible to compete in the 2012 U/19 World Championships team. Selection into the Arafura team will require all athletes to be 19 or under as at November 4, 2012 (once ILS finalises the age requirements for Rescue 12, the age for future development teams will be adjusted to reflect their decision). The following development teams will be sent away in the next 2 years:

  • Arafura Games, Darwin, May 2011 (Ocean/Beach and Pool Rescue events)
  • Sanyo Bussan Lifesaving Challenge, Japan, September 2011 and September 2012 (Ocean/Beach events)
  • New Zealand Pool Rescue Champs, Wellington, October 2011 and October 2012 (Pool Rescue events)

Nominations open and close as follows:

Rescue Shadow Squad        

Nominations Open 1 March 2011        
Nominations Close 4 April 2011

Elite Pool Rescue Squad        

Nominations Open 1 March 2011        
Nominations Close 4 April 2011

Arafura Games Development Team    

Nominations Open 1 March 2011        
Nominations Close 4 April 2011

Australian Representative Team Nomination Forms

Australian Team Selection Policy and Criteria