Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Carnival Appointments

Please go to the surf sports news part of the website for up to date carnival appointments

Open/ Boats/ Lifesaving/ Masters appointments are drafted from this officials’ availability form this form needs to be emailed back to From this database we appoint officials to specific areas for each carnival throughout the season.

Junior appointments are drafted from noiminations sent in by clubs for each carnival. Officials are asked to nominate themselves to their club directly.

This availability list is sent to the carnival referee so they can appoint the major roles at their carnival in conjunction with the Officials Representative for the BoSS. Roles in each area will be populated in conjunction with the sectional referees to ensure each area has sufficient officials to conduct the carnival in accordance to the surf sports manual. This list will then be published as a draft and ask for any further nominations from people who may have been missed accidentally. The final list of appointments will be made available to everyone through these pages at least two weeks prior to each carnival after it has been approved by the referee and the Officials representative from the BOSS.

If you have any questions on appointments for a particular carnival please do not hesitate to contact or at the branch office on 9913 8066.

At Junior Carnivals, clubs are expected to help with the running of the carnival by providing officials, water safety personnel and work parties. Requirements from each club will be published on the SNB website and sent out to all club managers prior to each carnival according to approximate competitor numbers. More information is released directly to Club officials so if you would like further information contact the surf sports manager at your club or contact the Branch office on 9913 8066.