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How to become a Coach

SLSNSW run level 1 surf coaches courses throughout the season and are advertised on SLSSNB’s weekly newsletter “Week in Review”. Notice will also be given to all clubs as soon as a date is finalised. The application form and required documentation is given to each participant at the course.

After doing the 2-day course you will be required to do 20hrs of supervised training under the eye of an accredited coach from the branch. At the completion of the 20hrs, the accredited coach will sign off on your paperwork and it must be returned to SLSNSW so it can be entered in the system. Unlike the officials’ course these coaching courses are provided by SLSNSW and not the Branch.

There is the opportunity for candidates to get their level 2 and level coaching accreditation but these courses are generally available every two years and are only open to a limited number every time. Information on such courses can be obtained from SLSNW or contact the branch office.

IMPORTANT: All boat sweeps must be at least a level 1 accredited surf coach in order to sweep any crew. If you intend to be a sweep this season please contact the Branch immediately to organise a spot for the next coaching course.


As with Officials accreditation, coaching licenses also expire after a four year period at which time the individual must fill out a relicense form and must have completed the required work according to the level of accreditation you are relicensing for. This may be a personal assessment or something else, please check the form for all requirements of relicensing as a surf coach or contact SLSNSW for more information.

For some good coaching resources please click here.

   Become an Coach Application Form - Download

   Relicensing Coach Application Form - Download