Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches


Becoming an Official

The process to become an accredited official starts withfilling out an surf sports official’s application form and taking part in the Level 1 Official’s course (there are junior officials courses also that can be run through your club). SLSSNB organises at least two of these courses every season usually in August/ September and towards the middle of the season.

After the applicant has completed the course, he/she must complete the third party assessment form and have it signed by three different accredited officials whilst doing the practical component of the course, the beach, at an actual surf carnival.

Both the third party assessment form and the surf sports official’s application form are available on the links below.

When the paperwork has been completed and returned to the Branch office, it will be endorsed at both branch and state level before being entered into surfguard at SLSA level. It is at this time that the individual will become an accredited surf sports official and they will be issued with a name tag and license number.

Relicensing Officials

All existing officials will need to renew their license every four years at which time they need to fill out a relicensing form which is accessible from the link below. Together with the form, the individual must provide a copy of their officials logbook showing at least 100 points earned from the four years of holding their license.

A letter will be sent out from SLSNSW about 6 months before your accreditation is due to expire. If you are unsure of when your accreditation is due for renewal contact

   Become an Official Application Form - Download

   Relicensing Official Application Form - Download