Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Carnival Officials Appointments

Surf Sports Officials Appointments for all SNB carnivals for the 2019-2020 season will be posted here when available. 
Progressive Officials Lists will be posted as soon as nominations have been received – these lists will highlight those officials that have been appointed, as well as highlighting gaps where additional officials are required.
Final Officials List will be posted here approximately one week out from the carnival date – these lists will identify the final appointed officials and their positions.  
If you are an accredited Surf Sports Official or a Probationary Official and have not been appointed to a specific event that you are available for, please contact Branch via email at immediately so that you can be placed at a carnival.  
What to Bring to a Carnival / Junior Water Event Rules / SLSNSW Club Cap Colours

Boat Carnival Officials for 2019/2020 – Progressive Officials List (Issued 12-Jan-2020)


Manly Open Carnival, 25th Jan 2020 – Progressive Officials List (Issued 21-Jan-2020)

Freshwater Open Carnival, 26th Jan 2020 – Progressive Officials List (Issued 21-Jan-2020)