Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Clubs wishing to host an event/ carnival in 2016/17
All clubs must contact with proposed dates for carnivals/events they wish to host next season. Please ensure you include the format of the event and approximate starting times/ end times where possible. We are looking to revamp surf sports to encourage more participation across the membership as well as making events fun and different to on another. All proposed dates top be in to Marcial at the branch office by Friday 27th May
Surf Sports Forum - Thur 2nd June
All clubs are asked to send representatives from their junior club and senior club. We will be going through what is happening next season and looking to get feedback from all clubs.
The Agenda will be sent out to all clubs closer to the date. Meeting will take place at the Branch Office starting at 7pm.
Soft Sand Classic @ Manly Beach - Mon 13th June
It has bee a couple of years since this event last run but the Soft Sand Classic is back in 2016. This is the race that al soft sand runners want to win, it is the Holy Grail fo sand. 
Click on the link here for more info - Flyer