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Surf Sports 2017-2018

Latest Edition 

Please see below for all information on SNB surf sports events. Please note that the DRAFT calendar can be seen by clicking on the link below. Please note that there are some venues missing and we are looking for host clubs to run these events. If any club is interested please ensure you look through the surf sports carnival formats document to see the format being run for each date on the calendar.
Surf Sports Calendar 2017/2018
"If you are a Nipper Competitor, Nipper Parent, Nippers Coach, Age Manager, Team Manager, Club Competition Coordinator, or have had any other involvement in Nipper carnivals this past season, then we want your feedback. 
Note that this survey is not for OFFICIALS to complete. A separate survey will be provided for OFFICIALS feedback. "

Surf Sports Post-Season Survey for 2017/2018 Nippers Season

Long Reef Boat Carnival
Sunday 25th March, 2018 
Last hit out before Aussies - more details to come 
Avalon Ocean Swim - 8th April
Chieftain Challenge - 28th April 
Warriewood SLSC - 2pm start
Surf Sports Manual 
The 35th Edition was updated in September 2016. Download a bulletin outlining the changes here.  
An electronic version is available to download from the Members Portal or you can download individual sections below:

Section 1 Competition Safety
Section 2 General Competitive Conditions
Section 3 Lifesaving Events
Section 4 Swimming Events
Section 5 Surf Boat Events
Section 6 Surf Ski & Surf Board Events
Section 7 Surfboard Riding Events
Section 8 Multi-Discipline Events
Section 9 Beach Events
Section 10 March Past Events
Section 11 Pool Rescue Events
Section 12 Competition Administration
Section 13 Officials & Their Duties
Section 14 Protests, Appeals & Discipline