Surf Life Saving - Sydney Northern Beaches

Draft Surf Sports Calendar (Click Here)-
please note this is a live document and will be updated as soon as any changes occur.
SNB Interbranch Team 2016/17 - list
SNB High Performance squad 2016/17 - list
Carnival Feedback
Carnival Feedback is very important to us here at SNB in order to further improve carnivals throughout the season. After each carnival we wil be sending out surveys to gauge your thoughts. LInks to these surveys will be placed here on the website so please help us by taking 2 minutes to provide your feedback, click on the carnival below.
Queenscliff Water Teams       Freshie fast & Furious       
North Steyne Beach     NCC Fast Fives
Queenscliff Beach      Newport Junior Water      Newport Senior Water     

NOTE: ALL water competitors must wear a PINK Hi-Viz top at all SNB carnivals. Competitors wearing other colours or faded pink tops will not be allowed to start

Queenscliff Open Carnival - Saturday 21st Jan
Boats - Block Racing
7am report, 7.30am sweeps meeting 7.55am gun for Opens and U19s,
11am report for Ressies and U23s
March Past - 1pm
Fast Fives Craft - 2pm

Manly/Freshwater Weekend Carnivals - Flyer

Freshwater Boat carnival - Thursday 26th January
Freshwater R&R Carnival - Thursday 26th January
Manly Nipper Nats - Friday 27th January
Manly Open Carnival - Saturday 28th January
Flyer        Program
Freshwater Australia Day Weekend Carnival - Sunday 29th January
Flyer         Program 

2017 Branch Championships 

2017 Bill Buckle Subaru Branch Championships
Sunday 5th February: Open & Masters Beach Championships @ TBC
Sunday 5th February: First Aid Championships @ Dee Why
Saturday 11th February: Boat Championships @ Long Reef                                                     
Saturday 11th February: R&R Competition (Junior and Senior) @ Newport
Saturday 11th February: Open Water Championships @ Newport                    
Monday 13th February: Champion Lifesaver Theory and resuscitation                        
Wednesday 15th February: Patrol competition paper and resuscitation
Theory sessions held at Branch Office
Saturday 18th February: Life Saving Events @ Dee Why                                                                 
Saturday 18th February: Masters Championships – Water events only @ Dee Why  
Westfield Warringah Mall  - Junior Championships
Sunday 5th February: Junior Beach Championships @ TBC
Sunday 12th February: Junior Water Championships @ Newport
2017 SLSNSW State Titles Officials quota
2017 IRB Premiership and State Championships - Expressions of Interest (Host) 
Surf Sports Forum - Thur 2nd June
Thank you to al those clubs who attended the Forum. Click here for the powerpoint presentation from the night
Aussies 2017: 

In 2017 The Australian Surf Life Saving Championships will head back to North Kirra & Tugun (Boats) Beach from 25 March until 2 April. 
Dates for The Aussies 2017
-Youth Championship, March 25 – 26
-Masters Championship, March 27 – 28
-Opens Championship, March 29–April 2
-All Lifesaving events will be held from March 27 – April 1 


Surf Sports Manual 
The 35th Edition was updated in September 2016. Download a bulletin outlining the changes here.  
An electronic version is available to download from the Members Portal or you can download individual sections below:

Section 1 Competition Safety
Section 2 General Competitive Conditions
Section 3 Lifesaving Events
Section 4 Swimming Events
Section 5 Surf Boat Events
Section 6 Surf Ski & Surf Board Events
Section 7 Surfboard Riding Events
Section 8 Multi-Discipline Events
Section 9 Beach Events
Section 10 March Past Events
Section 11 Pool Rescue Events
Section 12 Competition Administration
Section 13 Officials & Their Duties
Section 14 Protests, Appeals & Discipline